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Sanzari drawing on 75 years of stability, relationships to guide tenants through crisis

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Alfred Sanzari Enterprises is marking its 75th anniversary at a time unlike any in its history.

Like other landlords, the company has spent months with its buildings mostly empty as businesses cope with the effects of the pandemic. But the family-owned firm has weathered the crisis and helped its tenants do the same thanks to its own financial strength and ability to act quickly, which stem from a patient, low-leverage approach that goes back decades.

“One thing that I’ve learned about my grandfather and now my father is that they treat tenants like partners and they understand that, in order for us to succeed as a landlord, we need our partners to succeed at their respective business and industry,” said Ryan Sanzari, the company’s chief operating officer and third-generation executive. “So if our tenants don’t survive and they don’t succeed, our partnership (is missing) one of two necessary halves.”