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Hackensack, NJ |

Ongoing capital and general property improvements continue to enhance Alfred Sanzari Enterprises’ Court Plaza in Hackensack, N.J.

Recent or continuing improvements to the mirrored glass complex, located at 19-21-25 Main Street, include the installation of new rooftop HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) units, elevator modernizations at Court Plaza North and South, and upgrades to the complex’s patio area and parking garage.

“At Alfred Sanzari Enterprises we are very proactive in our approach to property management and are always striving to make our buildings more efficient and attractive to current, and future, tenants,” said Frank C. Pratt, vice president of leasing and marketing. “There are very few commercial landlords today who are making these types of extensive improvements. We recognize that such projects are necessary to ensure a modern and efficient operation, while maintaining the integrity of our properties for years to come.”

Another key enhancement at Court Plaza is the recent addition of the Alfred and Mary Sanzari Garden, a new public garden honoring the legacy of Alfred and Mary Sanzari, co-founders of the real estate development firm. Located on the corner of Main and Essex streets, the 10,000-square-foot site was designed as a place to relax and enjoy nature for members of the community as well as Court Plaza’s tenants and area professionals. The garden features a fountain, brick and stone pathways and walls, benches and decorative lighting, all surrounded by lush plantings.

The 335,000-square-foot Court Plaza office complex includes 165,000 square feet at Court Plaza North, 160,000 square feet at Court Plaza South and 10,000 square feet at Court Plaza East. All tenants enjoy a landscaped plaza with fountains and seating areas, ample covered parking, a full-service bank, shoe shine/repair and dry cleaning services, eco-friendly car wash service, a fitness center, public transportation to New York City and Northern N.J., a cafeteria with indoor and outdoor seating, and a common meeting room. As the headquarters location for Alfred Sanzari Enterprises, Court Plaza is located across from the Bergen County Courthouse near shops, restaurants and other amenities, and is just one mile from Routes 4 and 17, and I-80.