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Hackensack, NJ |

Alfred Sanzari Enterprises has developed a new public garden adjacent to its Court Plaza office complex in Hackensack, N.J., to honor the legacy of Alfred and Mary Sanzari, co-founders of the real estate development firm. Located on the corner of Main and Essex streets, the 10,000-square-foot site will open this winter and be dedicated to the city as “The Alfred and Mary Sanzari Garden.”

The area was designed as a place to relax and enjoy nature for members of the community as well as Court Plaza’s tenants and area professionals. It is situated in a hub of corporate activity across from the courthouse, and Alfred Sanzari Enterprises is headquartered in the complex.

The garden features a fountain, brick and stone pathways and walls, benches and decorative lighting, all surrounded by lush plantings. Oversized stone steps and a bronze plaque inscribed with “Because of You” mark the garden’s entrance. Evergreen varieties provide interest during the winter months, and in the summer, seasonal flowers, perennials, shrubs and other foliage will enhance the garden’s aesthetic.

“We purchased this site from Bank of America and, after giving it some thought, I decided to have a beautiful landscaped area designed to honor my parents, hence the Alfred and Mary Sanzari Garden was built,” said President and CEO David Sanzari.

Designed by landscape architect Brad Meumann of Meumann Associates, the Garden is consistent with Hackensack’s Main Street Rehabilitation Plan, which was adopted by the Council in June, 2012. According to Stephen LoIacono, city manager, the Plan was intended to transform the City’s downtown into a walkable, livable and sustainable community.

“We are thrilled about the garden, and the Council has supported this project from the
moment we heard about it,” LoIacono said. “The Garden is developing into something that is absolutely stunning, and it will be a wonderful gateway to Hackensack’s downtown area. We are extremely grateful for this gift from Alfred Sanzari Enterprises.”

A key ingredient in the success of Alfred Sanzari Enterprises always is its ongoing commitment to enhance the quality of life for residents in areas in which it is active. For David Sanzari, who conceived the idea of creating a garden, this addition to the city’s landscape is a fitting tribute to his parents and the principles on which the company was founded.

The Legacy of Alfred and Mary Sanzari
Alfred Sanzari was a lifelong resident of Hackensack, and he and Mary lived in the City for 70 years. They founded Alfred Sanzari Enterprises in 1945. The company was instrumental in the revitalization of Hackensack, and Sanzari was one of the first to build a luxury apartment complex on Hackensack’s “Hill” section in 1972, The Ivanhoe, which is still considered by many to be the premier apartment building in the county.

The Sanzari’s commitment to Hackensack’s transformation continued with development of the Court Plaza complex, and they also transformed an aging block of buildings on Essex Street into the spectacular 85,000-square-foot, four-story Alfred N. Sanzari Medical Arts Building.

Alfred Sanzari was described as a man with integrity who displayed confidence and sincerity when he dealt with people. Even after all of his success, Sanzari was never one to rest on his laurels according to real estate professionals who knew him, and he continued to work long hours every day of his 55-year career.

Today, Alfred Sanzari Enterprises owns and manages more than six million square feet of residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use properties, including the landmark 1,000,000-square-foot Glenpointe mixed-use complex in Teaneck, New Jersey. The firm has established its reputation on the quality, design and construction of its buildings as well as its responsive, hands-on property management and the integrity of its founders.

“It is appropriate that we recognize Alfred and Mary Sanzari’s contributions to the local community by creating this garden in their honor,” noted Andrew Gerleit, Alfred Sanzari Enterprises’ vice-president of construction. “It is a beautiful site and a wonderful addition to the City of Hackensack, as well as to our Court Plaza complex.”